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Moving to new account...

2008-09-21 20:48:33 by Maxthedemon

The title says it all, im moving because i need a fresh start. I am now going to be known as RavenStrike, visit me... Quote the RavenStrike, Nevermore....

Moving to new account...

ok, Madness Day 08 is in two days, but madness has taught me a lesson... DONT FUCKING IMITATE GREATNESS, because if you dont get this message, it will personally come to you and beat the living fuck out of you. But going on to bigger, better news, me and Pimpknight (a canadian friend) are teaming together to make a fighting game, no title yet, but we have an ASSLOAD of ideas... already in the process of making 4 characters, Taz, Nazi Raptor, and Revan (just a brand spanking new character i thought of), and an assassin-type character (in the making of details and whatnot), not giving info out yet, but dont worry, there is still lots to come. Wish us luck an goodbye

New Madness Collab

2008-09-16 00:00:58 by Maxthedemon

Ok, to make it short an sweet, im gonna host a madness collab called Madness War Collab. Of course it wont be for madness day, to short of a deadline. Just listen to the rules and you'll be fine...


30 fps
black background
20 sec-1 minute long animations
smooth animation (will take alright-Great animations)
ONLY Violent and funny shit, no sexual content unless I approve it.
10-20 people

Painless wasnt it? Now... GET ANIMATING!!!

Madness Day 2008 right around the corner!!!

2008-08-24 14:17:54 by Maxthedemon

YES!!! Madness Day, September 22 2008 is right around the corner!!! And I have a project on my hands that i can HOPEFULLY get done in 1 month. If not, i should have enough done to show a preview, then release later on. But school is starting tomarrow and when i get home, im gonna work on it till my ferret has to come in and play. So that should be an Hour or two of just plain hard work, and i probably will be gone like last Madness Day so i will have my brother send it on my account. I trust him enough to do just that. Oh, and my user pic is the main character of the movie, his name is Craig Daudajian, an Armenian-American bounty hunter nicknamed "The Hunter".

and so i leave you with a pic i drew of me. hope you likee

Madness Day 2008 right around the corner!!!

A new project called "Feeding Frenzy!"

2008-06-03 19:21:08 by Maxthedemon

OMG i just came up with a new idea! While I was lookin up youtube about a week ago, and i saw THIS shit. I was like, omg that was SO cool! But yesterday i had this idea pop in my head while lookin at Weasel, the creator of Thing-Thing,'s game Fluffy McFluffenstein 3, "hey, i should make an adventure/fighting game involving Ferrets and Rats (with some cats and rabbits as backup) ok, so heres the plot, you can choose to be either a ferret of a rat, you can choose your fur colour, eye colour, and maybe fur pattern. Ill try and let you guys pick a name for your ferret/rat. after that, you can choose to play Story mode, Survival, Practice, and whatever the hell i want the last one. Below you will see what your objective is for the ferrets and the rats...

Ferrets: Ok, your master is having rat and rabbit problems and you want to please him by getting rid of them. You start from the house, you have to make your way to either the gardens (where the rabbits are with some rats) and/or the fields (where the rats are) and/or to the big dirt-pile where you both vermins will be present. When you get to each spot, you will have to press the down arrow or S to dig to you can get inside the tunnels. You have to scare and/or kill the rabbits and you have to kill as many rats (if not all) as you can. The dangers you will face as a ferret are: barbed wires, rabbits that will fight back, rats, and a muskrat. You can also eat the rats youve killed for a little bit of health.

Rats: Your colony is starting to crave cheese, so now its up to you to find a good food source and become the hero. You start from underground. You have to make your way up the tunnels and to the surface, you will then have to get to the house, gnaw through the walls and get inside the vents. When you get into the kitchen, you have to get to the fridge where all the cheese is stored, but a big cat is guarding it so your gonna have to lure it into a trap (still figuring this part out). Dangers you will face are curious ferrets that got outside and gotten inside the tunnels, ferrets still inside, and the big cat. If your low on health, head back to the colony or get onto a garbage can and eat the garbage stored in both places, but while your eating, the ferrets youve killed will respawn.

Picture of this game will come out soon, just gimme a while to make the characters.

New Account

2008-04-19 21:48:37 by Maxthedemon

Ok, its not really my NEW account, but its my Productionz account. That will have updates on Squirlz Gun Nutz and other stuff. The site is AcornProductionz

In other news, i am quitting my other projects and the Madness Rebirth series will be just Madness Day submissions. Neo madness MIGHT come out but im not sure. Im still in illingworthproducts collabs though, but thatll be my last madness submission till madness day. Thank you.

okay, i have 2 new projects to work on later on if life.

Neo Madness:
Still workin on this project.

7isunlucky collab part:
I almost got this finished. Just got to the killing part.

Madness Rebirth:
I dont know about anymore, probably gonna work on these as Madness Day Tributes now...

Music Video:
Gonna postpone this for another time when i get bored and whatnot

New series: Squirlz gun Nutz:
Yep, new series that i hope will bcum a big hit like Pico, Retarted Animal Babies, and Madness. Workin on it with my bestest friend that i know in real life, SquirlzRule

New World Order (MUGEN lash based off Proxicides MKvsSF series):
Im makin this after my character, Zen Obron, is done. itll be awhile though but it might be worth it.

Q.When will the Rebirth begin? A. Who knows...

2008-03-24 20:31:16 by Maxthedemon

Ok, I had to drop outta Watzitooya's madness collab because I couldnt make the deadline. Im also dropping the Alpha-X project because itll take to long, so im replacing it with a short project im calling Neo Madness.

Neo Madness
So far, it sucks. But im gonna fix that soon. Madness Rebirth RE will be worked on right after Neo Madness so hold on for a tad bit longer.

In other news
I have decided to join 7isunlucky's collab in the meantime, and the movement is unlike any of my other submissions I have made and im very proud!

I have released a leakshot of my collab part below, check it out.

7isunlucky collab part: about 23% done
Neo Madness: 10% done
Madness Rebirth RE: 0% (restarting on it)
Music Video with custom Sonic characters: 0% (will work on after Madness Rebirth RE)

Q.When will the Rebirth begin? A. Who knows...

A New challenger has arrived!

2008-03-16 19:01:05 by Maxthedemon

*UPDATE* Ok, i need to warm-up on my animation skillz bcuz i havent animated since december (because of being grounded) so im gonna work on a couple of shorts and if theyre good ill submit them for you to see. Thank you.

Wow, this guy is PRETTY cool. I made EVERYTHING except the basic; head, body, and feet.

Name: Skull
Alias: n/a
Age: 26 (before experimentation)
Sex: Male
Job: Renegade l33t Super Soldier
Favorite Weapon: Khlaw (the big sword he always carries)

A New challenger has arrived!


2008-03-06 20:23:24 by Maxthedemon

OMFGFGFGGFG I JUST GOT MY COMPUTER TO WORK!!!!!! the problem was the monitor, but i got my old one and replaced it and my computer works!

OMG i cannot believe im back on. I shall work on my new series now, called Alpha-X, its another madness thing but i cant stop thinking about it so now i might as well work on it. thank u all and goodnight! X3 plus i might make a bunnykill tribute afterwards bcuz i have the BK sprites