A new project called "Feeding Frenzy!"

2008-06-03 19:21:08 by Maxthedemon

OMG i just came up with a new idea! While I was lookin up youtube about a week ago, and i saw THIS shit. I was like, omg that was SO cool! But yesterday i had this idea pop in my head while lookin at Weasel, the creator of Thing-Thing,'s game Fluffy McFluffenstein 3, "hey, i should make an adventure/fighting game involving Ferrets and Rats (with some cats and rabbits as backup) ok, so heres the plot, you can choose to be either a ferret of a rat, you can choose your fur colour, eye colour, and maybe fur pattern. Ill try and let you guys pick a name for your ferret/rat. after that, you can choose to play Story mode, Survival, Practice, and whatever the hell i want the last one. Below you will see what your objective is for the ferrets and the rats...

Ferrets: Ok, your master is having rat and rabbit problems and you want to please him by getting rid of them. You start from the house, you have to make your way to either the gardens (where the rabbits are with some rats) and/or the fields (where the rats are) and/or to the big dirt-pile where you both vermins will be present. When you get to each spot, you will have to press the down arrow or S to dig to you can get inside the tunnels. You have to scare and/or kill the rabbits and you have to kill as many rats (if not all) as you can. The dangers you will face as a ferret are: barbed wires, rabbits that will fight back, rats, and a muskrat. You can also eat the rats youve killed for a little bit of health.

Rats: Your colony is starting to crave cheese, so now its up to you to find a good food source and become the hero. You start from underground. You have to make your way up the tunnels and to the surface, you will then have to get to the house, gnaw through the walls and get inside the vents. When you get into the kitchen, you have to get to the fridge where all the cheese is stored, but a big cat is guarding it so your gonna have to lure it into a trap (still figuring this part out). Dangers you will face are curious ferrets that got outside and gotten inside the tunnels, ferrets still inside, and the big cat. If your low on health, head back to the colony or get onto a garbage can and eat the garbage stored in both places, but while your eating, the ferrets youve killed will respawn.

Picture of this game will come out soon, just gimme a while to make the characters.


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2008-06-03 19:39:09

sounds good keep working at it

Maxthedemon responds:

i shall, once i get the hang of this new goddamn tablet XD


2008-06-03 19:41:01

o no animals
unless its like terminator style or like rambo or some crazy shit like that
but nothing cute and there needs to be vomit inducing blood everywhere and explosions


Maxthedemon responds:

OH TEH NOES!! NOT OUR CHURCHES!!! oh, and go ahead and burn teh women we have plenty of those around! just dont burn the hawt onez kk?!


2008-06-08 02:10:52

That sounds awesome.
Actionscripting isnt as easy as it looks unfortanutly.
Ive only ever made one game; (all my other games ended up not working and dis-continued.)
I tried making another game recently but i didnt get very far.
Anyway, i hope everything goes well :D

Maxthedemon responds:

yea i know AS is hard to use. Im using tuts from many sites to figure out everything i need. but right now im just making the ferret, then the rat before i start moving them and stuff


2008-06-08 15:22:14

so your planning a game? sounds big

Maxthedemon responds:

yea, right now im trying to get down all the poses for the characters before i make them on the computer, its bloody hard work...


2008-06-18 23:13:21

A E I O U and sometimes Y

Maxthedemon responds:



2008-08-20 16:23:06

Make a new god damn post already! I toke you off my favorite's cause i haven't heard from you! D:

Maxthedemon responds:

haha ok