New Project that im ACCUALLY gonna stick with

2008-09-21 00:28:42 by Maxthedemon

ok, Madness Day 08 is in two days, but madness has taught me a lesson... DONT FUCKING IMITATE GREATNESS, because if you dont get this message, it will personally come to you and beat the living fuck out of you. But going on to bigger, better news, me and Pimpknight (a canadian friend) are teaming together to make a fighting game, no title yet, but we have an ASSLOAD of ideas... already in the process of making 4 characters, Taz, Nazi Raptor, and Revan (just a brand spanking new character i thought of), and an assassin-type character (in the making of details and whatnot), not giving info out yet, but dont worry, there is still lots to come. Wish us luck an goodbye


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2008-09-21 00:35:41

it's tomorrow over here

Maxthedemon responds:

can you see the future???


2008-09-21 15:33:31

u better stick on this man good luck ^^

Maxthedemon responds:

dont worry, ideas are just pouring from me and my canadian friend. Anyways, if i dont, Pimpknight is gonna bitchslap me and force me to keep with it XD