New projects, recycle old ones

2008-04-11 20:23:05 by Maxthedemon

okay, i have 2 new projects to work on later on if life.

Neo Madness:
Still workin on this project.

7isunlucky collab part:
I almost got this finished. Just got to the killing part.

Madness Rebirth:
I dont know about anymore, probably gonna work on these as Madness Day Tributes now...

Music Video:
Gonna postpone this for another time when i get bored and whatnot

New series: Squirlz gun Nutz:
Yep, new series that i hope will bcum a big hit like Pico, Retarted Animal Babies, and Madness. Workin on it with my bestest friend that i know in real life, SquirlzRule

New World Order (MUGEN lash based off Proxicides MKvsSF series):
Im makin this after my character, Zen Obron, is done. itll be awhile though but it might be worth it.


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2008-04-11 21:10:21

Awesome :D
I hope your new series does become as popular as retarded animal babies and pico and stuff.
Maybe if it does, people might even make tributes to it :D

Maxthedemon responds:

hope so, cause its gonna be like an Animal-Styled South Park with guns and cute animals with wierd designs so it should be ok.


2008-04-15 13:55:25

well we all have to do lists bro, just good luck

Maxthedemon responds:

kk i will. Thanks Bigbro


2008-05-05 19:11:46

whats the news projects?