Madness Day 2008 right around the corner!!!

2008-08-24 14:17:54 by Maxthedemon

YES!!! Madness Day, September 22 2008 is right around the corner!!! And I have a project on my hands that i can HOPEFULLY get done in 1 month. If not, i should have enough done to show a preview, then release later on. But school is starting tomarrow and when i get home, im gonna work on it till my ferret has to come in and play. So that should be an Hour or two of just plain hard work, and i probably will be gone like last Madness Day so i will have my brother send it on my account. I trust him enough to do just that. Oh, and my user pic is the main character of the movie, his name is Craig Daudajian, an Armenian-American bounty hunter nicknamed "The Hunter".

and so i leave you with a pic i drew of me. hope you likee

Madness Day 2008 right around the corner!!!


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2008-08-24 15:00:23


Maxthedemon responds:

i know im sorry, lol, jk.


2008-08-24 15:55:30

''im gonna work on it till my ferret has to come in and play''

Why does that sound so ultimately WRONG.

Maxthedemon responds:

idk, it just means im gonna work on it until my ferret wants to play. He's a lil rascal he is. Im watching him run around right now ^^ lil weasel, lol.


2008-08-30 04:29:06

well good luck bro ^^

Maxthedemon responds:

Thanks lee ^^