New Madness Collab

2008-09-16 00:00:58 by Maxthedemon

Ok, to make it short an sweet, im gonna host a madness collab called Madness War Collab. Of course it wont be for madness day, to short of a deadline. Just listen to the rules and you'll be fine...


30 fps
black background
20 sec-1 minute long animations
smooth animation (will take alright-Great animations)
ONLY Violent and funny shit, no sexual content unless I approve it.
10-20 people

Painless wasnt it? Now... GET ANIMATING!!!


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2008-09-16 01:08:34

Sorry but theres 189230413478398741238974019238470 madness collabs that have already been done. Only 2% of them actually finish.

Maxthedemon responds:

Well this doesnt have a deadline. So i should have it finished IF people join.


2008-09-19 12:26:19

Ill help you out bro

Maxthedemon responds:

nm dude, im sick of trying to animate Madness, im goin to go with my own projects and my own characters. Madness i think should be left for Krinkels, unless its Madness Day WHICH i havent done anything for. so im gonna delete this post and whatnot and whatever.


2008-09-20 04:23:40

Okay soz bro good luck man