2008-03-06 20:23:24 by Maxthedemon

OMFGFGFGGFG I JUST GOT MY COMPUTER TO WORK!!!!!! the problem was the monitor, but i got my old one and replaced it and my computer works!

OMG i cannot believe im back on. I shall work on my new series now, called Alpha-X, its another madness thing but i cant stop thinking about it so now i might as well work on it. thank u all and goodnight! X3 plus i might make a bunnykill tribute afterwards bcuz i have the BK sprites


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2008-03-13 18:29:05

Good news bro, I can see ur char in your DP, he looks awesome

Maxthedemon responds:

yea took me awhile. also i MADE his beanie, took me awhile to figure out how to do so but i did. ill teach ya if u want to.


2008-03-14 12:25:42

Nah I am okay for now... I justneed to get MO finished


2008-03-14 21:02:50

and i thought you had matured

Maxthedemon responds:

i thought the same about you XD


2008-05-05 19:09:04

what you computer work?