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2008-04-19 21:48:37 by Maxthedemon

Ok, its not really my NEW account, but its my Productionz account. That will have updates on Squirlz Gun Nutz and other stuff. The site is AcornProductionz

In other news, i am quitting my other projects and the Madness Rebirth series will be just Madness Day submissions. Neo madness MIGHT come out but im not sure. Im still in illingworthproducts collabs though, but thatll be my last madness submission till madness day. Thank you.


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2008-04-19 21:52:06

Is this a new account?

(Updated ) Maxthedemon responds:

...uhhmmmm, not this one. Its me and my friends account, we're workin on a new series together. Might put up a website soon.


2008-04-20 07:26:13

Cool. Well, you know how you asked me to make teh music for madness rebirth 2?
Well, I just need to know the legnth and how evil i need to make it sound and stuff.
I havent started on it yet, but i just want to have some idea of what you want me to make.

Maxthedemon responds:

yea, well idk. Lets wait till like 2 months before madness day because i should have a little bit of MR RE done... anyways, would you also like todo the music for Squirlz Gun Nutz?


2008-04-20 10:05:55

well good luck with everythign bro

Maxthedemon responds:

Thanks bro.


2008-04-21 03:59:06

not quite sure, depends on what kind of music you need.
The only things i cant do are probably:
Heavy metal (Fl studio is shit for that kind of stuff)
and, yea. Thats it.

Maxthedemon responds:

lol ok


2008-05-13 13:29:38

New screenie on my page


2008-05-28 23:28:01

New post please <:(

Maxthedemon responds:

once i can think of sumtin new i will


2008-05-29 04:16:46

nice enw DP bro

Maxthedemon responds:

thanks bro, tell ya about him later


2008-06-02 02:15:07

Also nice new user pic :D

Maxthedemon responds:

thanks ^^