Q.When will the Rebirth begin? A. Who knows...

2008-03-24 20:31:16 by Maxthedemon

Ok, I had to drop outta Watzitooya's madness collab because I couldnt make the deadline. Im also dropping the Alpha-X project because itll take to long, so im replacing it with a short project im calling Neo Madness.

Neo Madness
So far, it sucks. But im gonna fix that soon. Madness Rebirth RE will be worked on right after Neo Madness so hold on for a tad bit longer.

In other news
I have decided to join 7isunlucky's collab in the meantime, and the movement is unlike any of my other submissions I have made and im very proud!

I have released a leakshot of my collab part below, check it out.

7isunlucky collab part: about 23% done
Neo Madness: 10% done
Madness Rebirth RE: 0% (restarting on it)
Music Video with custom Sonic characters: 0% (will work on after Madness Rebirth RE)

Q.When will the Rebirth begin? A. Who knows...


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2008-03-25 15:15:12

guess we both got a lot of pojects to do, and when ur MSN later I wanna talk to you

Maxthedemon responds:

Yea, we do dont we? ok, meet ya on there tomarra


2008-03-28 12:58:53

Hey, wow, you've improved last time I saw your work!

I have a question: Why are you sitll doing Madness stuff? Don't you want to start something original for yourself?

Maxthedemon responds:

Thank you X3

I have your answer: I like madness, and I will continue with my planned out work. BUT I DO have something planned out for later on in my life, but you and the other people are just gonna have to wait and see (<-- sorry if that sounded mean, dude ^_^; )


2008-03-28 18:11:54

nice screenie what is it for?

Maxthedemon responds:

its a screenie of my collab part. I might show you what i have done of it.


2008-04-04 01:07:35

Cool. Im in 7isUnlucky's collab as well.

Maxthedemon responds:

awsomeness dude! cant wait to see your part then ^^


2008-04-10 14:43:43

sup whats go?

Maxthedemon responds:

wassup, i dont know wat goes...


2008-05-05 19:11:03

madness 8?